Interim Project Management

We managed several projects as interim project manager for large or small companies. An example of a typical TechToBizz project is the product development project which we managed for a large multinational supplier of electronic components for the automotive industry. The assignment for this project was to deliver an automotive approval on time while the project had to be carried-out under a difficult key customer relationship.

The project was managed with a team of TechToBizz professionals championing quality and professional due diligence. Extensive reviews, with FMEA’s in design and testing, DfX and lifetime testing, were held in the early stages of the product development. During the ramp-up of the product a special safe-launch period was introduced to monitor the producability of the product, thereby preventing early life time fails at the customer.

The difficult key customer relationship has been turned-around. The automotive approval was delivered on time, customer confidence was restored and protected, and new business was won.