Jos Hens (l) and Aart-Jan Hoeven summarized the results from a supply chain survey in 2013 Jos Hens (l) and Aart-Jan Hoeven summarized the results from a supply chain survey in 2013

Integral Supply Chains

Large high tech OEM companies as well as their suppliers indicate that a new way of working across the supply chain is needed. Integral Supply Chains are needed for delivering fast, innovative, efficient and reliable results.
In 2012 and 2013 TechToBizz has done a study in a representative cross-section of major OEMs, suppliers, knowledge- and educational institutions and government. The study focused on the needs that arise in the supply chains and how to fill these needs. The development of Integral Supply Chains appeared to be a common theme in sectors as different as the high-tech and the construction sectors!
The study confirmed the picture that many companies in the high-tech Brainport area struggle to meet their innovation targets. Budget, time to market, and service levels are at stake. In the construction sector the drive is to achieve a breakthrough in sustainability, customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness via a much better cooperation between companies and their customers.
The most important findings were:
  • Development, Procurement, and Manufacturing have their own interests. Therefore responsibility for the development of supply chains must be clearly identified and allocated.
  • End customers require a pro-active attitude from their suppliers, taking risk, with a business model to afford that. Supportive business models are needed to cover the risks and efforts that are taken by suppliers and their customers.
  • Benchmarking tools help to clarify current industrial capabilities of the supply chain and what gap needs to be bridged to meet innovation targets.
    The conclusions from this study are a basis for our current Business Enabling activities in high-tech supply chains and for our course Integral Cooperation in the construction sector.