Project Management

TechToBizz is rooted in the management of integral innovation projects.
Experience from others and from us shows that a good preparation is a key factor for the chance of success of an innovation project. Often the difference between success and failure is already made in the early phases of a project. It is very important to define a good project structure before the project is started, but also to maintain a good project environment while it is running. This is why creating the right structure and environment for innovation projects is a major focus area for TechToBizz.
Specific activities for innovation projects include:
  • clarify and document customer requirements,
  • selection of project partners,
  • international matchmaking,
  • definition of business case and earnings model,
  • arrange project structure and organization,
  • define and deploy a way of working,
  • setting-up SME clusters,
  • arrange funding,
  • define communication structure,
  • provide interim project management.